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Helen Arney at Green Man Festival

Over the weekend, Geek Pop alumnus and friend of the podcast Helen Arney appeared on the Solar Stage at Green Man Festival. Here’s a little video of her sun song.

Don’t forget, Helen also appeared on the Geek Like Me mini-album… go buy it!


Live at Wilton’s Music Hall

Remember Geek Pop 2011? It wasn’t that long ago. You really should remember. Anyway, we did a thing at Wilton’s Music Hall. All the nerds were there, including Dr Martin Austwick and band. It was epic. Now, it’s taken a little while, but we’ve finally got round to putting up some videos on Ye Olde You Tube – or at least Mrs Jim has (thank you!). So here are some snippets from ‘Luminiferous Aether’ and a full live recording of ‘Brownian Motion’. Unfortunately the sound hasn’t come out too well, but it’s worth watching if only for Martin’s scissor kick.

Both songs are available to buy on Martin’s album ‘Songs from the Scientific Cabaret‘.

Geek Pop 2011 launch party photos

Photos from Thursday night’s launch gig! Thanks to Ben Valsler of The Naked Scientists for some of these (the good ones).

[Click speech bubbles for captions]

Guide to our launch giggers

So you may have noticed us banging on (and on) about our launch party on 10th March. Ooops! It’s only because it’s going to be GREAT! Still, on your travels around the interweb, you may not have bumped into any of our launch gigging artists, so perhaps it’s time we enlightened you.


If you think you’ve heard of them but can’t quite figure out why, it’s probably because of this* – their ‘London Underground Song’ – which has had well over a million hits on You Tube.

Amateur Transplants are Adam Kay and Suman Biswas. They write funny songs about all sorts of things, but being doctors, they’ve written an awful lot of nerdy ones about medical exams, drugs, nasty diseases and so on… it’s much funnier than it sounds. Here, you should probably just watch this:

Ultimately better than the Bonnie Tyler original, we think you’ll agree.

Last year, for our May podcast, we caught up with Adam and Suman at the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol, where they played us a couple of songs:

Amateur Transplants live session

That was nice of them, wasn’t it?

Anyway, you should come to see Amateur Transplants if you like: laughing, parody songs, smut.

Oh, and here’s what some other people had to say about them:

“Superbly politically incorrect. Gloriously funny.” – The Scotsman

“Extremely funny. Never less than utterly clever” – The Telegraph

“This made me very, very happy” – Stephen Fry

*You probably shouldn’t watch this if you are easily offended by swearing. There’s quite a lot of it.


2011_02_15_MartinAustwick.jpgHow to describe Martin Austwick? He’s a man. A physicist. A soundman. And a one-man band. Who, incidentally, now has some other people in his band. We first met Martin at last year’s virtual festival, in his guise as The Sound of the Ladies. He’s since played in Einstein’s Garden at Green Man Festival and contributed a gorgeous acoustic version of his song “The Grand Tour” to our podcast. He’s also excellent at closing umbrellas when they get stuck.

Martin will be joined by Jim Footner and Will Elsdale to play songs about science from his forthcoming album Songs from the Scientific Cabaret, due for release on the day of the launch.

You should come to see Martin if you like: acousticness, clever lyrics, beards

“A genuine musical maverick” – Subba-Cultcha

“He should be more famous” – Josie Long

“Becoming somewhat of a superhero in the underground acoustic scene” – God is in the TV zine


SteveSteve is our host for this year’s live launch. It doesn’t do him justice to say he does science stand-up, but he does do jokes that involve science, and they are funny. You might recognise him from Blue Peter (yes, THAT Blue Peter), where he’s the resident science expert. He also appears regularly at Festival of the Spoken Nerd and is one half of the comedy double act Mould & Arrowsmith (guess which half…), about which people have said:

“Beyond nerdy, yet playful and ingeniously funny… far more entertaining than they have any right to be.” – The List

“Riotously funny” – Fringe review

You should come to see Steve if you like: nerd jokes, fire (aha, bet you’re curious now huh?), Blue Peter


1. It’s (probably) the only place you’ll be able to get your hands on a physical rather than digital copy of the forthcoming Geek Pop EP release – AND you’ll get it ahead of the official release date on 11th March

2. We hope to be able to set up a (small) fund for commissioning new science-inspired music from the profits.

3. Wilton’s. This place is one of London’s finest music venues.

4. Because all the cool square kids will be there.

5. If you combine the first halves of two of our acts, you get Steve Martin. (If you combine the second halves you get Martin Mould, which is potentially funnier).


Go here. Tickets are a tenner.

Graphic Science

This year’s launch gig is sponsored by the communications and education consultancy Graphic Science, who run innovative and engaging projects and events involving science.

Geek Pop 2011 launch tickets on sale now

Download this flyer

Folks! Tickets are now on sale for our 2011 launch featuring Amateur Transplants, Dr Martin Austwick and Steve Mould. There will be music! There will be science! It’s going to be ace! Full guide to artists here >>>

Thursday 10th March, 7.30pm

Wilton's Music Hall

Wilton’s Music Hall, Graces Alley, London (nearest tube: Aldgate East)

Buy TICKETS (£10) from WeGotTickets

Download a flyer here. Facebook event here.

And massive thanks to our sponsors Graphic Science.

Graphic Science

Get tickets for the launch party here!

Please note: online ticket sales will end at 12pm on Thursday 10th March. You can also buy on the door. Keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook if you will be arriving late and want to check availability.

Announcing: Geek Pop 2011 Live

Geek Pop live!

Happy news, dear geeks! We have confirmed the venue and acts for our 2011 live event, which will launch the Geek Pop 2011 virtual festival.

You will, of course, be thrilled to know that we will be showcasing the many extraordinary scientific and musical talents of:

Amateur Transplants

Dr Martin Austwick

Steve Mould

on Thursday 10th March, at Wilton’s, the world’s oldest grand music hall.

But let’s not forget what it’s all about: the launch event is only the beginning. We’ll be kicking off a whole week’s worth of celebrations, involving a specially selected bunch of 20 artists performing songs about science across four virtual stages. Lots of them are writing songs *just for us*! WE CAN’T WAIT!

This event on Facebook.

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Geek Pop Podcast Special – Green Man Festival

Dalmatian Rex

We’re back from our adventures at Green Man Festival (check out the pictures in our group pool on Flickr) and just because we love you, we’ve recorded a special Green Man podcast. Which means this month instead of one podcast you get TWO. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

This one’s an (almost) entirely live music podcast, recorded in Einstein’s Garden, so there are no iTunes download links, but you’ll be hearing from: Jonny Berliner, Phatmattbaker & Oort Kuiper, The Sound of the Ladies and Sibelius. You can find videos for a couple of the live performances in our last post.

You’ll also hear from Andrew Glester, the man in charge of Polar, a project that sets footage of the Arctic and Antarctic to classical music in a live concert. You can reserve tickets for the first performance in January here. It sounds beautiful.

EXCLUSIVE: Octopus, I Love You – Dalmatian Rex & the Eigentones

Dalmatian Rex played the Reproductive Stage at the Geek Pop ’09 virtual festival. You can find links to buy their albums at their website.

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