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Geek Pop – every track ever

Those of you paying close attention will have noticed that there has been no fanfare surrounding the launch of the Geek Pop festival this year… That’s because there *is* no Geek Pop feJonny Berlinerstival this year. Sad face. We’re having a little break, much like Glastonbury did in 2006.

Anyway, to mark the place where the Geek Pop festival should have been, we’ve compiled the definitive uber-list of Geek Pop festival music – every song that has ever been played at the online festival, EVER. Searchable by artist, track or year.

From Jonny Berliner’s gruff re-working of ‘Dark Matter’ at our very first festival, to his handclapping ‘Genetics Calypso’ last year. From the dirty bass of Let’s Tea Party’s ‘Reptiles’ in 2008 to Jeff Lewis & Peter Stampfel’s ‘ toe-tapping ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ in 2011. They’re all there.

Jeffrey LewisAnd what’s more, you can download them all on ONE PAGE! We know!

We’ve even made an extra page with links to all our Spotify lists. We’ve gone list crazy!

It’s not quite everything we’ve got though. We’re still working on a collection of the best live sessions from our podcast. Including some extra special Geek Pop-commissioned songs that haven’t even been heard yet.

Talking of podcasts, you’re due a new one, which will be with you in the next week. It will be a tear-jerking celebration of Geek Pops past. Tissues at the ready, listeners. And sorry for the delay (due to wasted weekends and sniffly noses).

Until then, don’t thank us, thank all the artists who’ve contributed their music to Geek Pop so far. Thank*:

Aidy | alatinpunkcircle | Amateur Transplants | Andrew Pontzen | Baba Brinkman| Being 747| Bert Miller & the Animal Folk | CraftLass| Dalamatian Rex & the Eigentones| Down with Gender | Dr Clandestino | Dr Martin Austwick | Dr Stu & the Neutron Stars | Eben | Emily Schulman | Fourwave Mixing | Grant Balfour | Great Big Science Gig | Hannah Werdmuller | Helen Arney | Intercontinental Music Lab| Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel | Jon Hamshaw | Johnny & the Chemists | Jonny Berliner | Karmadillo | Lamar Holley | Lårs & Marïse | The Layers | Let’s Tea Party| Logan Wright | Marian Call | Matt Westcott | The Missing, Inc. | MJ Hibbett | Mr Simmonds | Naomi Fearn | On Rails | Oort Kuiper & Phatmattbaker | Photomixers | Professor Elemental | Professor Science | Radium88 | Roadside Poppies | Robot Disaster | Science is Fiction| Sci-Fried | The Sound of the Ladies | Spirit of Play| The Standards | Symphony of Science | The Synchrotrons | Tales from the Birdbath | Tony Brown | The Ultraviolet Catastrophe | Vom Vorton | Weird Gear | Wolfington

*Bonus points to anyone who can spot the only artist on this list to get two credits. More bonus points for explaining why.


Geek Pop 2011 launch party photos

Photos from Thursday night’s launch gig! Thanks to Ben Valsler of The Naked Scientists for some of these (the good ones).

[Click speech bubbles for captions]

Geek Pop 2011 – Festival Highlights

Hayley & Jim camp out at Geek Pop

The Geek Pop 2011 festival is go! Our highlights include the awesome Jeffrey Lewis headlining at The Tetrahedron, a song about Professor Brian Cox and a musical rendition of the Fibonacci series. Listen below, download for free via our iTunes feed, or jump to virtual gigs for artists on our highlights playlist by clicking on the arrows.

Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea >>>
Spirit of Play – An Element Sends A Postcard Home >>>
Hannah Werdmuller – Diurnal Migration >>>
Wolfington – Spacefox (Live) >>>
MJ Hibbett – A Little Bit >>>
Helen Arney – Erwin’s Other Animals >>>
Lårs & Marïse – Phibonacci Nova >>>
Matt Westcott – Love is Never Mean >>>
Marian Call – I’ll Still Be A Geek After Nobody Think It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem) >>>
Weird Gear – Black 7 >>>

Free downloads of over 40 Geek Pop 2011 songs are available online at the 2011 festival site.

Thanks to our sponsors Graphic Science and the British Science Association for their support.

Geek Like Me mini-albumFor six bonus tracks including Spirit of Play’s ‘An Element Sends A Postcard Home’, download the Geek Like Me mini-album at for just £4. Geek Pop will donate a third of the profits to a fund for new science-inspired music.

Festival diary: what’s coming up

What's going on during Geek Pop?

(click for larger version)

Geek Pop 2011 open for submissions!


Geek Pop 2011 is on!Yep, it’s that time of year again… In fact, yikes, it’s later than that – we’re behind schedule! Anyhow, we’re pleased to announce that the submissions process for Geek Pop 2011 is now (finally) OPEN! Hooray!

What that means is that we’re now looking for the nerdiest bands and singer-songwriters around to contribute science-inspired music to our 2011 festival in March. If you’re new to Geek Pop, here’s a short history of the festival.

ARTISTS: for more info about becoming a Geek Pop star, click here. To apply fill in this form.

PRESS: for a press release about this, click here.

EVERYONE ELSE: sign up to updates on the Geek Pop 2011 festival here.

Geek Pop Bristol – video highlights

Finally, for those who missed out on our live launch gig in Bristol earlier this year, here are the video highlights. There’s crazy creature-based tunes and a mouth trumpet from the brilliant Bert Miller & the Animal Folk, a freestyle science rap jam sesh (what else?) from Phatmattbaker & Oort Kuiper and beautiful acoustic geekery from Jonny Berliner. For an interview with Jonny, check out the Geek Pop Green Room.


Computer GeeksBritish Science Association

Also, big hugs and kisses to Molehill Media for filming the gigs.


Part II of this set is available on their Geek Pop ’10 page. And you can download their awesome self-titled EP right here.

Bert Miller & the Animal Folk

PHATMATTBAKER & OORT KUIPERThis video contains naughty words!

Phatmattbaker aka Matt Baker Oort Kuiper aka Jon Chase were part of the Geek Pop ’10 festival.

YOUR HOST, CHRIS DUNSFORDThis video contains naughty words!

(Please note: parts of Chris’ set may not be suitable for children)

Part I of this set is here. You can also find Chris at the Geek Pop ’10 virtual festival.

JONNY BERLINERThis video contains naughty words!

Jonny was part of previous Geek Pop festivals. You can download his track Dark Matter for free at Geek Pop here or buy a whole EP of his Science Songs on iTunes.

Jonny Berliner: Science Songs

Geek Pop: the documentary

So someone called Drew, aided by friend of the crew Dr Gav, has produced four (FOUR!) HEE-larious videos about the Geek Pop London gig. Besides some quite-good jokes by compere Chris Dunsford and cutesy geek pop lovin’ from Helen Arney, this one (part III) also features some excellent shots of Hayley chewing her thumb and Dr Gav looking like he’d had more than one pint (tip: that’s cos he had).

For the other three, check out Drew Kirk’s rather marvellous website – part I, part II, part IV. Oh, and see if you can pick up Jim on his stunning lack of accuracy (or just plain wrongness) about the beginnings of Geek Pop in part II.